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 Personal Teaching Philosophy Statement

            My personal philosophy in regards to teaching is closely tied into my personal philosophy of life.  I believe that we, as individuals, are the people, places, events, and passions we experience throughout life.  This perspective has been reinforced throughout my life by many key individuals I have encountered.  As a teacher, I think this belief has everything to do with how we relate to our students, subjects, and educational communities.  Through honest reflection, goal-setting, and the development and execution of action steps toward those goals, I work toward being a better educator and I role model the steps of becoming a better person to my students. 

            In both teaching and life, we must aim for clarity – clarity of mind, clarity of purpose, and clarity of message.  By not only setting high standards but also communicating and clarifying these standards, we show our students how to set and achieve realistic goals.  As a teacher, I will communicate these standards in a variety of ways at my disposal since my students learn in a variety of ways.  I will role model the standards I set for myself and staff.  I will explain the academic and behavioral standards to the students through curriculum and the classroom environment.  As a group, we will all help each other to not only set these goals but to achieve them together.

            I will take all that I have learned in life, education, and career and through careful planning and consideration, use that part of myself from which my personality and intuition comes from to make the right decisions in imparting this knowledge to my students and team members.  I believe we have teachers in this world to bring humanity to education since, after all, the pursuit of learning is a uniquely human experience.


Classroom Management Plan


Mr. Oliver Taban (Individual & Small Group Instructor)

Room E2


Dear parents and students,

               Welcome back to school!  I am looking forward to a great year in which all of our ISGI/RSP students can meet their academic and personal goals.  This letter is to acquaint you with the curriculum support class that your daughter/son is enrolled in this semester.

               The purpose of Resource class is to provide students with assistance in bettering their study skills, getting assistance with assignments for their general education classes, and helping them to be successful during the school year.  Students should prioritize assignments in which they need help each day for Resource class.

               This is not a “homework class” or a “computer free time class” but a class to help students in curriculum areas where they are struggling or having difficulty completing their work.  Students who wait to complete all their homework during Resource class are students who usually do not pass their core classes (math, language arts, etc.).  Generally, students have more homework than can be completed during the time I see them.  I only see your son/daughter for one out of seven periods to assist her/him in areas needing assistance.  As an individual and small group instructor, I assist your child when she/he is having difficulty with her/his general education assignments by teaching strategies for success.  Success depends on the student, parent, and teacher working together.

               In addition to curriculum support time, students must spend time at home working on assignments and studying for tests.  Parents can help simply by making sure that their child has:

·        A quiet space for completing homework

·        A time for completing homework

·        An opportunity to use a computer for reports and projects


Grades are determined by the following criteria:


25% of the student’s grade will be based on coming to class & being on time, coming prepared with all required materials for study, prioritizing assignments to be completed with assistance, and demonstrating self-discipline by using class time for study and homework completion.  Credit will be given every day in class for meeting the above criteria.  If students have completed all assignments from other classes, they will be expected to study notes, silently read, or will be given work to do in class.


25% of the student’s grade will be based on keeping a daily agenda of assignments for ALL OTHER CLASSES.  Students will be checked daily and given credit for completion of their daily agenda for all classes.  Students wil be expected to learn how to prioritize assignments that they need assistance to complete in class.  Students wil be expected to keep their daily agenda with them and use it in all their other classes.  This is a valuable organizational and study habit that is essential to establish success in both school and life.


25% of the student’s grade will be based on Participation.  This includes effort put forth in completing class work assigned in Resource (math problems of the day, Be A Better Reader lessons, projects, etc.), their behavior in class,   Also they will be graded on how well they use their class time to complete homework and studying for other classes.


25% of the student’s grade will be based on credit given for in-class work samples as determined by a scoring rubric.


Materials suggested for success at M.I.T. Academy:

  • Student daily agenda required for this class
  • A book for SSR (sustained silent reading)
  • 3-ring binder with paper for writing and dividers/tabs for class organization (middle school requirement)
  • pens, pencils, erasers, highlighter, pencil sharpener, index cards (as needed)

Established Class Norms:  Each student is expected to be responsible for the following norms:

  • Be respectful of self & others at all times.  This includes respect for teachers, administrators, classmates, the classroom, and, most importantly, yourself.
  • Maintain a business-like attitude/atmosphere/environment at all times.  This includes but is not limited to being in dress-code, having student ID, quietly raising hands for attention, etc.
  • We agree to always be working, reading, studying, or doing some kind of learning in class and to come prepared (something to read, write with, and write on) every class period.
  • No food, drinks, video games, cell phones, mp3 players unless specifically allowed by the teacher.
  • At the beginning of the school year, each class period will be involved in suggesting and developing their own behavioral expectations including specific norms and rewards systems.


It is all of our responsibility to follow these norms.  If you do not follow these norms, I will give you a verbal warning.  If you persist in not following our norms, your participation grade will have points taken off and the following may happen, though not necessarily in this order:


  • I  may ask you to step outside of the classroom, until I can conference with you about it.
  • You may have an after class conference with me. 
  • Your daily grade may be lowered.
  • I may contact your parents.
  • Further disruptions may result in you being referred to Student Services leading up to possible suspension.




I look forward to working with you in the coming year.  Please feel free to call me at M.I.T. Academy (ext. 212) to discuss any concerns or questions you have about your child’s education. Only by supporting students together can we do our best to help them become successful life long learners! 



Thank you for your support & cooperation,


Oliver Taban, Individual Small Group Instructor